aerial photo of green trees


Julien Pineault

As a Game & Narrative Designer, and graduate in Film Studies and Computer Science, I am passionate about video games, movies and novels. What fascinates me about games is the creation of a universe and its rules. I am drawn to both the narrative and atmospheric aspects, as well as the technical and structural elements, which reflects the two sides of my personality: the artistic side, and the logical side.

I play a lot of indie games, and I'm a big fan of platformers, metroidvanias and soulslike. Some of my favorite games include Zelda (too many of them to name), Hollow Knight, Celeste, Rain World, Elden Ring and Super Mario Maker 2.

When I'm not making games or playing them, you might find me reading, writing, practicing kendo or iaido, or playing piano.


aerial photo of green trees