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Le rituel is a mystery interactive story realized with Twine. The player embodies Agathe, a young woman inexplicably attracted to an abandoned manor, source of numerous obscure rumors. Agathe meets the ghosts of two twin sisters in the manor, and as she explores the crumbling structure, she discovers more about the events surrounding their death, and about the reason of her presence in this place.

The gameplay is centered on free exploration of the manor, as well as certain events triggering under specific conditions for story progression.

What I did in this project:

  • Designed the concept and narrative context with my teammates.

  • Designed the map and the progression system.

  • Wrote a part of the story.

Authors : Océane Famechon, Julie Lecomte and Julien Pineault

Map of the manor

Story Structure and Progression System

Act 1

Act 2

Act 3

aerial photo of green trees