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L'entrevue is a comedic satirical interactive story made with Twine, in which the player embodies a programmer too dependent on his unnatural luck taking a job interview at a reputed company. However, he is far from ready, his luck seems to have abandoned him, and the more he talks to the overly smiling recruter, the more he realizes that the company probably has many things to hide.

The player starts off in the waiting room with a choice of five different actions, and the one they choose has a possibility to impact the rest of the story. With a score system that determines how well they do in the interview, they eventually come to a point where they must choose whether to stick to the end or to find a way to escape this messy situation.

What I did in this project:

  • Designed the concept and narrative context with my teammate.

  • Designed the impact each action of the beginning could have later on in the story.

  • Designed the interactive structure and wrote a part of the story.

Authors : Arnaud Lescure and Julien Pineault

aerial photo of green trees